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  • DVD Test Failures

    Hello All:

    I am testing DVD drives in various platform units using BurnIn Pro and Windows 2000. I downloaded the DVD Test utility on this site to make some test DVD's. I keep getting intermittant read failures when running these tests. Has any one else had problems running the DVD test using test DVD's? Any tricks to get it to consistently pass??

    Below is an example of a failure I see!

    2006-01-09 20:55:29, CD/DVD, SERIOUS: D: Error while reading file from CD/DVD
    2006-01-09 20:55:29, CD/DVD, File: D:\BIT-Data-029.dat, Block Size: 4096, Offset: 31358976, Bytes read: 0, ErrorCode: 23

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    Error code 23 is an error from the Windows O/S,

    ERROR_CRC Data error (cyclic redundancy check).

    Here is a list of the first 500 Windows error codes

    Maybe the DVD is dusty or scratched. Maybe your DVD-reader is stuffed. Maybe the DVD that you made was not burnt correctly.