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Sudden shut down of BurnInTest - All windows close

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  • Sudden shut down of BurnInTest - All windows close

    We have had two BurnInTest users report that BurnInTest 3.1.1000 was shutting down suddenly and at random. The symptoms were that there were no error messages and all the BurnInTest windows close without warning. The Pass and Fail window is never displayed.

    We believe that we have found and corrected this problem today. There is a new build of BurnInTest now available on our web site that has the correction in it. Version 3.1.1001.


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    We installed the new version and now we have a problem with the 3d test
    The error given is "error loading directX.dll"

    The system used is a windows NT configuration, and in the past there was no problem running this test. (also without directX)


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      [NOTE: This problem is NOT related to the sudden shut down issue mentioned in the initial post, above]

      Starting from version 3.1 of BurnInTest we have moved from using DirectX3 to DirectX8 and dropped compatibility with Windows 95 and NT.

      However we still provide some support for the older version 3.0 of BurnInTest when running on W95 and NT. You can still download this old version on our download page.

      This was necessary because there were a growing number of video cards that no longer worked correctly with DirectX 3. Undoubtedly this was due to the manufacturers of video cards not doing enough testing (or any testing at all) with older versions of DirectX.

      Microsoft, in their infinite wisdom, stopped supporting DirectX on Windows NT at version 3 of DirectX. So all the later versions of DirectX (4,5,6,7,8,9) are only available for Windows98, ME, 2000 and XP.

      The problem is the same for Windows 95 as Windows NT. New versions of DirectX are not supported by Microsoft.

      So we had the choice of not supporting new video cards or not supporting W95 and NT. We choose not to support W95 and NT for all future versions.



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        Re: Sudden shut down of BurnInTest - All windows close

        I purchased the pro edtion, I have version 3.2 build: 1000, and it sometimes shuts down randomly still. Overall a good product, but why is it still shutting down, if its fixed?



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          We believe that we have found a problem with the CD test. You will need to do some checking to see if this was the cause of your problem. The problem happens when the,

          - CD test is used in data mode
          - A PassMark test CD is not used, but a normally data CD is used
          - The data CD contains files with long file names. The longer the file name the more risk of a crash.

          This is a bug in the BurnInTest software. It affects both the standard and pro editions and all versions between V3.0.1000 and V3.2.1002

          We will be releasing a V3.2.1003 release that should correct this issue and the solution will also be included in the V4.0 release which is currently under development. (as at 3/Oct/2003)

          In the meantime, use a data CD with short file names (<50 characters) or purchase a PassMark Test CD or make your own test CD. (see, ).