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USB loopback test fail

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  • USB loopback test fail

    My customer using USB 2.0 loopback test Intel D510 platform CPU board and now facing some error. Here are the detail information
    CPU: Intel Atom D510
    S.B: ICH8M
    RAM: DDR2 2GB
    BIOS Vender: AMI
    OS: WinXP Pro SP3
    Burn-in test version: V6.0 (1023)
    configuration: only enable USB loopback test, 100%, duration is forever.
    USB loopback driver: V6.1 build 0001 rev 0002
    Total 4 USB loopback pluged, after several hrs, 4 USB loopbacks will have error show "USB data packet verify failed". and in the mean time, the loopback LED only power and USB 2.0 LED light.
    After the error happen, he tried restart PC but the error still happen in very short time unless remove AC cord for hours. Also he found if enable 3D graphic testing, this error can be duplicated more easier.
    Pls advise what's going wrong.

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    My guess would be that it would be a power supply issue or heat issue. This would explain why running the 3D test provokes the problem faster (as power requirements and heat are higher with 3D running) and also why you need to let the machine cool down before it would work again.