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  • Help on 2D graphics error


    I am using Intel 82815 graphics controller, and have been using Burn in test to test my machine for a few hours without any problems previously.

    However, recently, after patching Microsoft's security updates, I find that error displaying frames is occuring in my OS test for the 2D graphics. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but it didn't help.

    I am running the test in 16bit display depth, and the driver is rather old but there is no newer driver.

    Could the security update be affecting something or the way the test is conducted? I am using Burn In Test 3.2, and running on XP Pro.

    How serious is the 2D skipping frames error? Sometimes I see it occuring about 1/2 or 1/3 of the total cycles run (usually around 120 cycles). The funny thing is, if I run the test in 24bits, there is no problem. But I thought the help text said I should run it in 16bits display depth?

    I usually run the tests in a suite, that is, with 2D, CPU, 3D, serial and USB loopback, Disk etc. If I run the test using 2D alone, I don't really see the problem cropping up.

    Can you please help me?

    Thanks very much!

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    A few skipped frames are generally nothing to worry about.

    If you are getting 100s or 1000s of them, then that would be a different story.



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      SKipped frames


      THanks for the prompt reply! Erm, I am not getting just a few, but it could be 30 errors out of 120 cycles. Is that ok? My problem now is how to explain to others why this is happening, especially when this has not happened before.



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        More info

        Hi, I should have been more specific on the patch I did. It was a patch from Microsoft to patch the DirectShow component. Will this have any effect on the way Burn In Test conducts the 2D graphic tests?

        Thanks very much!


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          We haven't noted any specific relationship between skipped frames and a DirectShow patch. But as the 2D test uses DirectX it entirely possible the patch has changed the behaviour.

          A typical video card will display about 50 frames / second. So missing 30 frames over an hour is nothing much to worry about.

          This is a very common problem for video cards. We even have an option in the BurnInTest preferences window to suppress these errors because it is so common.



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            Thanks very much for the explanations!