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Burn In Test for the real world

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  • David (PassMark)
    ...any way a test of an actual program
    Well BurnInTest is an actual program. In just the same way as Word is program.

    What was the actual error you saw with Word? For example if there was an error while installing Word (e.g. a scratched Office CD) then no amount of hardware testing will find that Word has a missing file due to a bad install. Another example would be a virus that attached itself to Word or a Word document causing problems.

    It is not realistic to expect BurnInTest to find certain classes of problems like viruses or corrupted Word files.

    On the other hand, in the new version of BurnInTest that we are going to release in a few weeks you can code up and add in your own test modules to do whatever you want.


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  • chunkie
    started a topic Burn In Test for the real world

    Burn In Test for the real world

    We build a small amount of PC's and are trying to find some way of doing a Burn In Test on these PC's before they are released into the real world.
    We have tried Burn In Pro and we have occassionally found a problem through this.
    But occassionally even though Burn In Pro has been happy, when the PC starts using something like Microsoft Word it has a problem.

    Just wondered if there was any way a test of an actual program could be linked to burn in pro