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Linux SDK - Swith USB 3.0 Plugs into 480MBits/12Mbits test mode.

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  • Linux SDK - Swith USB 3.0 Plugs into 480MBits/12Mbits test mode.

    Hello PassMark,

    I'm would like use your SDK for enhanced USB testing before passmark testing, but I'm not so far found a way how to switch USB 3.0 loopback into 480Mbit/s, so test as well USB 2.0 ports in USB 3.0 connector. I' can see, that you Windows test utility ( PassMark(TM) USB3Test ) can choose connection type (Super Speed/ HighSpeed /Full Speed) but I'm not see any way in libusb.

    In PassMarkUSB.h I found structure USB3_SPEED, but isn't use. (or looks like isn't use at all). Can you please give me a hint or advice how to do it?

    Firmware of plugs I have already in 2.0, and SDK I'm used from web page. I'm using Debian 7, Intel Core and my plugs working without any problem in 5Mbit/s speed. But USB ports 2.0 isn't tested.

    Thank you

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    The forcing of certain speeds was a very recent addition to the USB3Test software.
    I don't think it is in the SDK as yet.

    A work around it to use a USB2 extension cable. This disconnects the USB3 pins and forces the device into using the USB2 protocol.


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      yeah, workaround is working, I would like avoid disconnecting/connecting cables into passmark plugs. (I have connected 4-8 depends on number of USB ports) per system. And have several system running in time. Is it secret to write here how is switching performed in Windows software? Probably I'm wrong, but is just some special commands for SendUSB_3_VendorCommand?. Any info will be great.


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        Hello, any update about command to switch to USB 2.0 mode?