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Random Serial Port Errors

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  • Random Serial Port Errors


    in our production line we're using Bit 8.1 (build 1015) via Windows PE 5.1.
    The Burinintest directory is stored at a network share.
    All Clients are accessing the same Bit.exe from this share.

    Now we have often sporadically errors with the COM Ports.
    The strange thing here is:
    When trying with 1 client alone, everything works fine and as expected.
    When trying with 50 clients, we had about 30 systems failing the test. (COM3 or COM4, hanging at 300 operations, saying we should check that the plug is connected.)

    We've checked the system with an old WindowsPE USB-stick and local burnintest. -> all fine. No Hardware errors.

    Important to say:
    While Burinintest is starting, were using the "Executewait" command to load a "load.cmd".
    This batchfile is reloading via "drvload" the msports.inf serialport driver. (This should prevent this COM errors)

    The question is: Is BIT.exe limitated to a max number of clients accessing at same time? / Is there a special workaround for the comports?
    Cause this error only occurs when we're testing 30-50 systems.
    Ive tried making high networkload and only using one client, but i could not get the errors again.
    So atm, i only get these errors with a bunch of clients.
    Any ideas?

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    Have you guys actually purchased 50 licenses?
    If you like like to send us the error logs from BurnInTest and your order information, we would be happy to have a look at the problem.

    We also don't know what "load.cmd" is, nor why you are doing "drvload" on the the msports.inf,

    For collecting the error logs, turn on the level 2 activity trace and just run the serial test. This will make the log smaller and more relevant. Finally the latest release is Version 8.1 build 1018. So you might want to get that release as well.


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      Actually, i dont know how many licences we have purchased. I will ask the responsible employee.
      I will sent you the logs as soon as possible. atm i have no devices to test.

      The drvload on the msports.inf was at least in older versions of BIT(v8.0 build 1009) necessary when testing under windows pe environment, to prevent strange serial port errors.