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How to use the Bluetooth test

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  • How to use the Bluetooth test

    I need to be able to test whether or not the Bluetooth card works inside of a notebook by connecting it to a Bluetooth device. But I want to do it systematically, so I'll have a log of it happening. I don't want to rely on someone's word.

    I started doing some research into the Blutooth stack to see if I could interact with the devices that way. But then I thought that Passmark might have it. There's no use in making the test if Passmark can already do it.

    When I read the Passmark version history, I found this:

    Version 6.0 build 1013, 10/September/2009

    Improved support for the PassMark Blu-ray test disk.
    A Bluetooth test has been added.
    The build my company uses is 1030. Since we have a newer build, I went to the test and thought I would see the Bluetooth test under Test Preferences or Test Selection & Duty Cycles.

    However, I found no mention of a Bluetooth test or personal area network of any kind.

    Am I missing something?

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    Oh, wait. Never mind. I think I found it under the Network tab from the Test Preferences menu.