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Test log HTML report feature request

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  • Test log HTML report feature request

    Our site will have a requirement to transfer parts of the HTML report output from a test into a local MySQL database. As the basic text report is not delimited, it would be difficult to parse the results, which is why I have decided to use HTML for walking through the tables. However, I noticed that the tables do not contain any attributes to designate a name or ID. To simplify traversing the tables, would it be possible to have BITP to contain basic names and/or ID attributes for each table in the HTML report?

    Just for clarification, this does not pertain to the cert file as the template is easily configured, but from what I can tell, the report output in HTML is hardcoded for the basic format.

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    We have already implemented this.

    The BurnInTest Management Console stores the tests results into a mySQL database. Plus does a lot more in terms of reporting.


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      Could you please send me an email or PM with more information on the Management Console in terms of pricing and licensing? Our site already has a site license for BITP 6 and 8 along with MonitorTest 3.2 and already have a server, MySQL, and PHP in place and ready to go.


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        Check your inbox.