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Data Verify failure with 4xSSD devices

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  • Data Verify failure with 4xSSD devices

    I have "Data Verify failure" problem when computer performs disk BurninTest with 4xSSD devices,
    And I noticed that when Data verify failure happened, the failure disk was in "sleeping" state.
    The normal disk burning test sequence should be: Pattern Writing --> Data Verifying --> Pattern Writing --> Data Verifying
    But the failure disk test sequence is: Pattern Writing --> Sleeping --> Pattern Writing --> Sleeping
    4 of my SSD devices have the same symptom sometimes. And the funny things is if I test them individually, they are no problem.
    Do you know why some of the SSD device sometimes change to sleeping state after the data writing instead of verifying?


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    The duration of the sleeping state is determined by the Duty Cycle setting.
    What duty cycle setting do you have for the disk test (0 to 100)?

    Turning on logging and examining the log might also help.


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      There are several points in the test where there will be a slight delay such as after writing/verifying/deleting a file which is the sleeping state you are seeing, so it's likely due to the verify failure it's moved on to the next phase of the test and that's why you are seeing the sleeping state.

      There should be more information about the verify error in the log file/event log tab.