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  • About BurnIntest on WES7

    Hi all,
    I have a test problem on win7. I run BurnIntest v6.0 pro on Win7 to test 2D,3D,CPU,DISK,Memory,and sound. After run one minute, the computer show "Your computer is low on memory".If I set the paging file on win7, the message does not show. Is this situation normal?

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    It is not normal, but it means Windows is low on memory and it wants to close the BurnInTest memory test application (memtest.exe) as it is using the most memory.

    - Check that you are not running other memory intensive applications (including background applications);
    - Check that you are running the standard memory test and not the torture test;
    - Check that the 2D video memory test is configured for "Local video memory only";
    - If at least one of your disks is large, then the Windows caching could lead to this scenario;
    - Try BurnInTest 7.0 as the memory test is changed somewhat.


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      Also, normally you should have a paging file configured.