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  • Rhel 5.7

    I am trying to run Linux BurnIn 3.0 on an install of Red Hat RHEL 5.7. When I try to launch I am getting a error.

    When I do a search for that Qt package and attempt to download and install, I get numerous dependencies. And of course those dependencies have other dependencies

    Yup, I am the one who ran into this before with Fedora and figured it out. I was also able to find the right package for RHEL 6.1 but I can't for the life of me get BurnIn to run on the RHEL 5.7

    Does anyone have a link and/or can point me toward the correct QT package? Is there an option I can check during RHEL 5.7 install that installs the correct Qt software? Does anyone know if this works for RHEL 5.7

    Thanks in advance!

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    There is some information on the required Qt libraries files (using Fedora and Ubuntu as examples) on the FAQ page however it may be very difficult to install on RHEL 5.7 as it it appears to use an old version of glibc, 2.5, when a much newer version is required both by Qt (2.8 ) and BurnInTest (2.10). You would probably end up upgrading a significant part of the system in order to install Qt4.

    It would likely be a lot quicker/easier top use a newer version of RHEL (eg 6.2) or use version 2.1 of BurnInTest Linux instead (available on the download page).
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      Thanks Tim. I have 2.1...I will use that.