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WES7 BurnInTest 7 Intermittent Crashes, Any Known issues?

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  • WES7 BurnInTest 7 Intermittent Crashes, Any Known issues?

    Hi Everyone,

    I am working on a driver for some hardware and I have been asked to investigate a defect where the machine crashes / restarts after running burn in pro for a long period of time.

    Personally, like your user guide i believe in the Chaos theory, but we also believe in endurance testing so we are trying to find out if there is something we can do with our driver to fix/ease the problem.

    The problem has not been reported on Win7 or Win7 Pro despite equally heavy testing but it has been reproduced a number of times on WES7 usually from running the test overnight.

    Are there any known issues with WES7, related to system crashes?

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    We don't officially support Windows Embedded. But we aren't aware of any problems either if Embedded is configured with all the required modules to get BIT to run.

    I guess I would start by checking if the fault happens on just a single machine or if you can reproduce it on any machine. Then I would have a detailed look at the crash dump (I assume there is one) to see where in your driver it crashed. This assumes of course that it is crashing in your driver and it isn't just a unrelated problem.