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Automatic check PASS/FAIL on BIOS version/date

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  • Automatic check PASS/FAIL on BIOS version/date

    Hello I'm using Burnin Test on an embedded PC. For production scope I'm looking the possibility to add in the report result the automatic check on BIOS version and BIOS date. I'm using V8.1 BurinTest, I saw that in BurnIn Test Result or BurnIn Test Certificate the fields BIOS Version and Date are correctly reported but I'd like to check automatic the correctness.
    How can I do this.
    Thank you for the answer.

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    PASS/FAIL on BIOS version and/or date is not something that BurnInTest checks. Possible workarounds are... query/parse the information yourself with the command "systeminfo" in a batch script and if it passes your criteria, proceed to launch BurnInTest.
    ...create a BurnInTest plugin that does the same and set it up as a pre-test plugin within BurnInTest. See the userguide or the helpfile for more info on using plugins.