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BurnInTest Pro v 7 not testing all RAM?

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  • BurnInTest Pro v 7 not testing all RAM?

    I have been using BurnInTest Pro to verify hardware as "tested OK" for customers, and have never had it detect a problem with RAM.

    I have a motherboard with 512 MB on board RAM that tests using BurnInTest Pro (Standard Cyclic) as "PASSED!". But MemTest86, and Windows Memory Diagnostic both show multiple problems with my on board RAM. I also ran a Windows version of MemTest that detected hundreds of problems copying data from memory space 2c2d624 to other memory spaces and reports that "Pair 46323236 does not store values accurately". This memory test utility runs within Windows and tested "All unused RAM".

    I would have thought that BurnInTest Pro would also test all unused RAM within Windows. What am I doing wrong?

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    BurnInTest tests the unused RAM on a system.

    But with only 512MB, there will be precious little unused RAM once Windows and all of it's services are loaded. How much did the memory test in BurnInTest report to be tested?

    To test the most amount of RAM, you should
    • Stop any 3rd party software that is running
    • Turn off all other tests in BurnInTest
    • Turn up the duty cycle for the RAM test in BurnInTest to 100%