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  • Compact Flash Issues

    We produce HMI Displays with embedded SBC's. It appears that when we run Bit 6.0 we can get corrupted Compact Flash units (our storage media). Can anyone indicated if they have had a similar problem or are we chasing our tails.

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    Was this after running the hard BIT disk test on the flash drive?
    Did BIT report any disk errors?
    What form did the corruption take?
    Does this happen on all your CF units, or just a few?

    Did you consider the possibility that the drives are bad (or even fake flash drives)?


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      We typically do not test the Compact Flash, since it is our hard drive or storage media. We have Test Compact Flashes that we install in each unit with BIT resident on each Compact Flash. It seams that once the Test Compact Flash is installed in about 15 - 20 different units the flash becomes corrupted. This corruption I think may be a Windows XP registry glitch.

      BIT will not necessarily show errors the system just shuts down or functions stop working. When this occurs we typically swap Compact Flashes and that seems to solve the problem. When we re-image the Test Compact Flash the problem goes away for another 15-20 units.


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        I would suggest you try doing some read / write testing a few of the compact flash card over an extended period to see if they really are at fault.

        If they aren't then I would suspect it is more likely a quirk of Windows, maybe Windows has some issue when you move the boot drive through 20 different machines.

        If it really was a hardware failure you would expect it to either happen all the time, or fairly randomly. Having a fault that periodically appears each 20 machines makes me thing it more likely software at fault.


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          Thank You david for your help. Even with newly imaged Compact Flashes we still see that moving it from machine to machine can casue them to shut down. Is there anything i can do to prevent the machines from shutting down or how can I have BIT restart?


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            If you want to solve it then I would suggest doing some read / write testing a few of the compact flash card over an extended period to see if they really are at fault.

            If they are not, then I would look into the nature of the fault. What are the error message(s)? Is the error always the same? Was there anything in the Windows log that would indicate the nature of the corruption.

            I doubt Windows XP was designed and tested to have its boot drive moved between dozens of machines. Each new machine probably causes a lot of new data to be recorded in the registry.

            You might be better off changing your whole test method. Maybe use WinPE instead. Or Win7.