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How to use external file in Burn-In Test v3.0(1005) Linux 32bit ?

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  • How to use external file in Burn-In Test v3.0(1005) Linux 32bit ?

    If I want to use external program, such as "iperf", "memtest" or shell script. How can I do?

    About BIT script, I find -- EXECUTE <Filename> <Parameters>

    I try to enter as follow as EXECUTE "/usr/bin/iperf" -c -b 100M -t 60 in "test.bits".

    But, the BIT has no respond.

    What error in my script?

    Thank you.

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    BurnInTest executes the command after the EXECUTE scrip entry and then should immediately continue to the other tasks in the BurnInTest script.

    There should be a log entry when the execute command starts, are you seeing this entry? You can also enable trace level 1 in the logging options and if the call fails it will be logged in the trace log.


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      Thanks for your answer.
      I have found the "Pre-test" to run external application before BIT.

      But, I still have one question about Plug-In.
      On Windows BIT, I can write a plug-in program to put in BIT, that can set cycle and present pop-up window message to show detail results.

      If can I do same work on Linux BIT v3.0(1005)?
      How can I do?

      Thank you.


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        Currently you can't use plugins with the Linux version of BurnInTest, only external scripts using the BurnInTest scripting or Pre-Test options.