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  • USB Thumb Drive Testing

    If we purchase a USB Bootable Thumb Drive, can we add drivers for our Touch Screen. Also can you recommended how long we should test a system where the SBC has already been tested for a period of two hours by the manufacturer.

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    Technically you can add device drivers to the Bootable USB thumb drive. The process is fairly simple, but needs a technical person to do it and some Microsoft tools for WinPE. The instructions are here covered in the section "Adding drivers to the WinPE image" page 12:

    If you would like to send us the working drivers, we can add them to the image for the next Bootable UFD image update.

    Providing guidelines for how long you should test is difficult as I don't know your exact test goals, what type of testing has already been done, the maturity of the product, the end use of the product etc. Our customers test between minutes and weeks, minutes for very mature high volume production line tests looking for specific hardware issues and weeks for products in development. Often power, heat and manufacturing type issues will come out in the first hour of testing. The chances of picking up system problems after 12 hours reduces. So generally I would suggest between 1 hour and 12 hours. But as I mentioned, it depends on many factors.