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Varying frame rate on 3D Test

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  • Varying frame rate on 3D Test

    I've been using Burnin Pro 5 for quite some time the 3D test used a number of balls which bounced around the 3D test window. Over a period of time the reported frame rate was reasonably consistant (say 950 to 990 FPS) and we used this to weed out slow systems.

    I've just started using Burnin Pro 6 which has a different 3D graphics test. On this test there are airplanes flying around some islands over the sea. The frame rates are lower (but that's probably to be expected) BUT I see a much greater difference between min and max frame rates during the test (110 to 200FPS) as the planes pass through and round different parts of the islands.

    I've tried this on several PCs with similar results.

    Any ideas why?

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    This is normal as the frame rate is dependant on the complexity of the scene. Although the variation we see isn't maybe as large as you are seeing.

    If you are wanting the benchmark PCs in a comparable fashion, then you might be better off with our PerformanceTest software, rather than BurnInTest.


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      We use Burnin Pro because we're actually running a soak test for several hours. We record the frame rate at the start and at the end to make sure the heatsinking is working. (We have no fans in our system).
      is there any comparison figures between the bouncing ball test of Burnin Pro 5 and the flying plane figures on 6


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        I am not aware of any information comparing the frame rates between the 2 different tests.

        Rather than looking at the instantaneous frame rate you might be better off looking at the total 'Operations' count across the several hours of your test.