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BSOD 3B/119 found when run Burn in V7Build1013 or V6Build1030 on Win8

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  • David (PassMark)
    This is not a known problem with BurnInTest itself and we haven't seen it on any of our test machines.

    But after some searching in Google, I found that BSOD with cdd.dll or Win32k.sys are pretty common. It isn't limited to Win8 either. The problem was common with Win7 as well.

    cdd.dll is the 'Canonical Display Driver' from Microsoft. I think it provides the older style GDI functionality for applications in Windows.

    From the 100s of people who reported this problem (often while running games) there doesn't seem to be one common solution. Some people reported the solution was replacing bad RAM, others reported the problem solved after updating drivers.

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  • BSOD 3B/119 found when run Burn in V7Build1013 or V6Build1030 on Win8


    We meet BSOD 3B/119 issue on our Win8 units when doing long run testing with Burn-in V7 Build1013 and Burn in V6 Build1030.
    It is AMD Brazos2.0 platform and OS is Win8 64bit RC(8400).
    Test Item:
    CPU,Memory,Hard Disk,2D Graphic,3D Graphic,Network,Sound. All set to 100%.
    Checked the dump file all point to BIT.exe and caused by cdd.dll or Win32k.sys
    We need Passmark help to double confirm this issue.
    Please tell me if still need to provide any necessary information for you.