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3D test memory leak with Intel HD graphics?

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  • 3D test memory leak with Intel HD graphics?


    I'm currently using your trial of BurnInTest. I'm attempting to get it working before we buy the pro version and set up automation.

    Everything seems to work correctly except for the 3D display test. There seems to be some sort of memory leak as the RAM continually ramps up throughout the test (the 3D is the only test selected). As soon as it hits the maximum memory, the frame rate drops and it eventually freezes. This produces a few errors and I end up having to kill the program.

    So is the 3D test meant to take up the entire RAM or is there something else at play here? Anyone else have anything like it?

    I have searched for memory leak as well as all of the 3D test threads on here.

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    No it shouldn't keep using more and more RAM.
    We aren't aware of any memory leak. No one else reported this issue.
    So there is some possibility that it is the video card device driver on your system, or some other 3rd party software.

    What video card is in use?
    What device driver?
    How long does it take to use all the RAM and freeze?
    How much RAM is in the system?


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      I already checked to see if I had the latest driver and I do.
      Intel(R) HD graphics
      Driver Version:
      Driver Date: 3/19/2012

      I have 4 GB of RAM, though 3.16 GB is usable.

      It takes about 11 minutes at 50% duty cycle for my memory to be used.

      The first three show the ramping and the last picture shows the error when the 15 minute test is up. I have to force quit it since the error keeps popping up.


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        Thanks for the screenshots, we've tested this out on several different computer (all 64bit) with and without the Intel HD GPU and can't see any memory leaks when running the 3D test.

        If you go to the processes tab in Windows Task manager how much memory has the actual BurnInTest process (bit.exe) been allocated? Are there any other processes that are using large amounts of memory?

        It looks like there is a newer driver available for Intel HD graphics ( there is also a Windows 8 driver that is newer that we have been told by Intel works with Win7 as well ( so it might be worth testing these out.


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          Wow, that is the last time I allow Windows to automatically check for driver updates.

          That worked perfectly; the memory is stable now. It's actually running 4-5 times faster than the last driver.

          Here's it running on the new driver.

          50% Duty Cycle:
          Initial: 6K
          Starting: 51K
          5 min: 66K
          10 min: 66.7K
          15 min: 66.7k

          100% Duty Cycle:
          Initial: 7k
          Starting: 55.8k
          5 min: 55.8k
          10 min: 55.8k
          15 min: 56k

          Thanks for the help.