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"Random data with random seeking" & "Random data pattern"

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  • "Random data with random seeking" & "Random data pattern"

    "Random data with random seeking" & "Random data pattern" between the two, it seems that in front of one and just more "random seeking" test, Why do we need to do random data write and read test twice in the default(cyclic) setting?
    Random data generated by way of the same?
    As is composed by seven different block business?

    thanks for any assistance.

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    Isn't this pretty much the same question are you have already asked multiple times?

    The difference is that the random seeking test includes random seeking. The other test is sequential.

    See the User's Guide for more details


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      I want to discuss the differences between the manual settings and scripts configured in the "What differences in these two ways?"

      "Flash drive and butterfly seeking" I started using a script and use the default setting of the test results have failed, so I would like to ask why cause this reason.
      I paste the script, passed and failed level 2 trace log, I also know the you told me that "One had a failure, and the other one did not", and Tim also finds that I run the script 's no problem.
      Single pattern alone ran no problem, but the auto-run problems arise, Tim told my storage problem.And failure log looks no differences with passed.Just it seems illogical, I can not judge my storage.

      In the "Random data with random seeking" & "Random data pattern" main problem of why the default is set to run twice random data write and read and want to make sure Random data generated by way of the same? As is composed by seven unique blocks?

      So you think these three questions is the same problem? I want to know clearly established for the purpose of this forum? Focused on what the content?
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        You have started 4 separate threads regarding the same apparently faulty flash drive.

        If you want a reasonable answer, the you need to, read (and understand) the User Guide, ask concise clear questions, not have unrealistic expectations about our ability to debug your hardware remotely, not ask the same question multiple times, don't waste our time, give details of the test environment & what you have already tried yourself to solve the problem.

        To date you have made 32 separate posts and about half of them are barely coherent.


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          Just I recently started using your software and posted more questions. This thread should be about the using issues and the user guide no explain. Can you see more clearly? And the thread of "About seek count question" just discuss about something that I am confused and I had not found explanation in your user guide. Why do you afraid of studying the more detail in the user guide of which you are always proud? In fact, I was not looking forward on you can clearly answer me. Really "What differences in theses two way" & "flash drive and butterfly seeking" two thread should be combined. I am sorry about I post two different threads.

          my test environment :
          BurnInTest Version : V7.0 Pro 1003
          O/S : Windows 7 Ultimate Edition Service Pack 1 build 7601 (32-bit)
          CPU : Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2100 CPU @ 3.10GHz
          DRAM : 2GB DDR3 SDRAM PC3-10600
          USB : Renesas Electronics USB 3.0 Host Controller
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