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  • About seek count question

    According to the User Guide and Level 2 activity trace log, "Random data with random seeking" do seeking action in the written test file, seeking the number of repetitions is set by the user in the Test preferences "seek count". e.q. seek count = 100, write test file2 and read & verify against test file2, and then randomly seek position 100 times in test file2, and then write a block and verify against at this position.

    I have observed the "Butterfly seeking" test, did not write any test files, so it's seek action in the cylinder 0 and the cylinder X and back to cylinder 0,
    1) Cylinder 0 to cylinder X represent 1 times to seek?, Or cylinder 0 to cylinder X back to cylinder 0 represent 1 times to seek?
    2) How many cylinders in my flash storage devices?How do I find these information?
    3) e.q. seek count = 100, only 30 cylinders of my storage device, whether it will generate an error?
    4)if i test the same flash storage device,what is difference between setting seek count =100 or 30?