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  • BurnIN


    Is it possible to run Burn In Test from One hard disk for three or four motherboards via network ?

    If possible, then what is the procedure and the cost for the same ?

    Thanks ..

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    You can do PXE network booting.

    You can also make a portable USB drive version of the software

    License key requirements are here


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      To test the RAM , Which all options should be selected and what is the optimum setting ?


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        If your main objective is to test RAM, we would recommend using MemTest86,

        Both BurnInTest and MemTest86 will test RAM, but MemTest86 is a better memory test, this is mainly because you avoid the need to boot an operating system (Windows or Linux) prior to running the test. Leaving more RAM available for testing.


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          Hi Richard ,

          My question is that in BurnIN test , if i want to test only RAM, then should i select 2D, 3D, CPU or only Memory selection is sufficient



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            If you only want to test main RAM, then just use the RAM test. If you want to test video RAM as well, then there is an option in the 2D test for that.


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              Hello David,

              Attached are two screen shots, please suggest the optimal setting for testing the Memory.

              What should be the test pattern ?


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                It doesn't make sense to have 10 test threads running at 10% of the RAM each. This means you'll run out of RAM and start swapping to disk.
                Depending what else you have running on the machine 7 x 10% might be a better target. On low end machines, a lot less RAM will be available for testing. e.g. a machine with 2GB of physical RAM might have near zero MB of free RAM once the O/S has booted up.

                If you only want to test memory, consider using MemTest86 instead.


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                  Observed the problems of PC restarting / hanging / getting Ram fail error in Burnin test but passing in Memtest86. ?