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    is it possible to use passmark as a Disk Write Test to write onto a raw volume until it's completely full?
    It's not about testing benchmarks.
    Right now it's done by some simple tool under Windows which just keeps on writing onto the hard drive and is manually stopped after the size of the RAID volume was written (up to 125TB, takes about 1-2 days)
    I want to do that automated with passmark for linux.

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    BurnInTest will create and verify test files of the size specified until the disk is out of space (eg 100 files of 1% disk size) at which point the files are deleted before starting to create more files. The disk test won't fill an entire volume with a single test file however (currently each file size is limited of 15% of disk size).


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      I can do the whole hard drive by running 100 loops with 1% file size. By default those 100 files will be written and read.
      Is it possible to use a custom config where the files will only be written ,not read?
      This would cut the test time in half. (I don't need read and verification...)


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        If you don't read the data back, how can you be sure it was written?


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          Originally posted by David (PassMark) View Post
          If you don't read the data back, how can you be sure it was written?
          great question. They answer is no.

          But my question was, if it is possible to just write data....


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            No this isn't possible in BurnInTest, the data files are always verified after they are written.