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Error message "The 3D test was interrupted" on Win8 x64

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  • Error message "The 3D test was interrupted" on Win8 x64


    I'm now running BurnInTest V7.0 Pro Evaluation version on Win8 x64.
    However, there always appears the error message "The 3D test was interrupted" while executing 3D graphics + 2D graphics + CPU + RAM + Disk items and the duty cycle of each item is 50.
    If I execute only 3D graphics and no matter the duty cycle is 50 or 100, there is no error appears.
    Do you have any ideas?

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    What settings are you using for the 3D and 2D test? If you disable the 2D graphics test will the 3D test run without being interrupted?


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      Hello Tim,

      For 3D test
      -Number of windows: 1 (default)
      -Window placement: Auto placement on primary monitor (default)
      -Window size: 300x200 pixels (default)
      For 2D test
      -Local Video Memory only
      -"Ignore skipped frames" is checked

      If 2D graphics test is disabled, the 3D test is still interrupted.
      If it only runs 2D + 3D, the 3D is not interrupted.
      If it only runs CPU + 3D, the 3D is interrupted.


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        This doesn't seem to be a windows 8 issue (we've not been able to reproduce any problems like this on our windows 8 test machine). The 3D test can be interrupted if the screen resolution changes, such as the screen saver starting, and the 3D test can not restart (it is usually the result of an action outside BurnInTest). Is the test always being interrupted after the same amount of time?

        What particular video card, CPU and motherboard are you using? Have you checked that you are using the latest video card and chipset drivers for your system?


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          "3D TEST FAILS" ERROR - WIN XP, San/Ivy Bride proc, Intel DH61AG m/b, latest drivers

          I have the exact same problem with BIT PRO version 7.0 (1005)
          happens after a random period of time
          happens on multiple m/b
          Intel DH61AG m/b w/updated BIOS
          happens with Sandy Bridge AND Ivy Bridge procs
          running 2D, 3D & Video tests
          Win XP
          Using latest drivers from Intel web site.
          Screen save is off.
          Power options set to "always on"

          Program issues "warning" and continues - but shows "FAIL" message after test period.
          Can't tolerate this for production testing.



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            Another cause of the interrupted error message is if the video card device drivers crashes. In Windows 7 and 8 this can be normally be seen in the event log as event ID 4101 (

            No such event exists in Windows XP but if you check the error log around the time the errors occur you may see a matching event from the video card device driver.