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BurninTest CPU Maths Result Understanding

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  • BurninTest CPU Maths Result Understanding

    Hello Team,

    I have installed BurnInTest Linux V4.0 on Ubuntu 16.04. I am running Test on Intel i5 CPU (2.40GHz). I am running only CPU Maths test using cmdline option.

    I want to understand the numbers (Cycles and Operations) displayed in the window for the test.

    As per user guide it says that it represent "how many millions of calculations have been performed and verified. Each different test is run for half a second. After all tests have been run the cycle count is incremented"

    What is relation between Cycles and operations? How the cycle count increments?

    If cycle count increments after half second then if I run the test for 1 min the cycle count value should be 120, but I am getting value 40.

    Since I am getting variation in cycle counts and Operations in each iterations.. Can I compare Operations per cycle (Number of operations/ Number of cycles) for the each iteration?


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    Cycle counts in BurnInTest are generally based on the number of operations performed, the CPU test is a bit different as it has a number of different sub tests to perform before the cycle count is increased however the overall operations count per cycle should be the same each time. If the operations/cycle count for the CPU test over different test runs is changing then there is likely something on the system taking CPU time away from BurnInTest (eg another process).


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      Thanks for quick reply!

      As per your reply, operations and cycle count increments proportionally. Am I correct?

      I ran CPU Maths test for four times and I got following values:

      Iteration - 1) 623 Billion,3592 cycles (0.1734 Billion Operations per Cycle)
      Iteration - 2) 577 Billion,3592 cycles ( 0.1606 Billion Operations per Cycle)
      Iteration - 3) 612 Billion,3594 cycles (0.1702 Billion Operations per Cycle)
      Iteration - 4) 582 Billion, 3594 cycles (0.1619 Billion Operations per Cycle)

      Could you let me know how much percentage variation is acceptable?


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        BurnInTest was not designed as a benchmarking tool. (We have PerformanceTest for that task)
        So we don't have any figures for what is normal. So variation would be normal however, as both Linux and Windows run a lot of tasks in the background.