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Scripting USB Drives

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  • Scripting USB Drives

    What I'd like to do is automatically script the testing of USB drives. I may have one to four USB drives installed.

    However there doesn't seem to be a way for BurnIn Test to alter the number of USB drives being testing by using a bits script.

    SETDISK ALL will only set BIT to test hard drives. It ignores any removable drive. If I set a script file to test a USB drive, for example (SETDISK DISK E: MODE CYCLIC) it won't test the drive unless it is manually configured to test the drive. If I manually configure four USB drives and only two are installed then BIT fails the two missing drives.

    So my question is, is there a way to write a script file to test USB drives without having to manually configure BIT for the correct number of removable drives installed?

    The BurnIn version I'm using is 7.0 PRO (1016) on a Windows 7 system.


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    After experimenting with the SETDISK command, I found other problems?

    For example if I create a script file:

    SETDISK DISK c: MODE binary1

    BurnIn Test will run the test but runs "CYCLIC" instead. As manually set while BurnIn Test is open. So the "SETDISK" command doesn't seem able to overwrite whatever has been manually configured.

    SETDISK ALL YES seems to work. It will turn on drive testing if not manually configured.

    Usually if a command is written incorrectly BurnIn Test will let me know before it starts running. Here it doesn't say there is an error, it just seems ignores any SETDISK DISK commands.


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      The last build of BurnInTest (1017) fixed a bug with the SETDISK command where the drive letter was not being set correct so tests would not run or would be configured incorrectly,

      Could you please download this build,, and let us know if you are still having problems.


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        Yes, it seems to be working now and solved my issue with testing USB drives as well.

        Thank you, I was a little worried that either I was doing it wrong or there was a bug that'd take some time to fix. I suppose I should check for updates more often.

        Anyway I appreciate the quick response.