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  • Dual NIC

    System Operating System is Windows 7 Pro SP1
    System setup is with DUAL NICs built-in PC and both Ethernet cabled to a GbE Switch linked to a single HOST device(single fixed IP address).
    We are running the burnin test program as an endurance testing tool for this computer, and we are experiencing the following errors randomly on only the NICs
    1. NO NIC present.(even though Windows and IPCONFIG sees the NICs)
    2. Timeout waiting for packets.
    Please advise the Burnin Test program should be setup to test DUAL NICs concurrently or consecutively, as we could not find any discussions/examples of such a System DUAL NIC testing.

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    For the network test, assuming you're using the standard network test, timeouts are not uncommon as it is only sending ICMP ECHO packets (ping) which are not guaranteed to be delivered.

    You might want to try using the advanced network test, which requires running the endpoint.exe application (installed in the BurnInTest folder) on another system which both of the network cards under test connect to over TCP/IP. There is more information about how this test works in the BurnInTest help.

    The "No NIC detected" error message is more of an issue as this means the network cards are not able to be accessed by BurnInTest, if you run BurnInTest with the command line parameter -u and send us a copy of the .trace log files that are generated we will see if anything was logged that might explain this.