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LiteOn IHOS104-06 Test Problems

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  • LiteOn IHOS104-06 Test Problems


    We are having an issue where burnin fails serious error on any LiteOn IHOS104-06 blu-ray drive. Using the latest version.


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    What is the actual error?
    What O/S?
    How long does it take?
    What test settings?
    Is it repeatable?
    Was this just one LiteOn unit? If not how any units and was it 100% of units?
    Did blu-ray units from other vendors work OK in the same test setup with same media?


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      I'll get the exact error in the morning.
      Windows 7 HP 64 BIT.
      2 - 3 minutes.
      0 time burnin with cd/dvd read/ram/hdd/3d/2d/cpu/video playback
      Have tried 30 drives. Same problem on all. Replaced drive with LG blu-ray and works fine. Same setup, same media yep.



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        So you were reading pressed (read only) DVD media on the drive?
        Or you were burning a RW+- DVD, or maybe a CD?

        In addition you should repeat the test on the drive without having all the load on the system. Might just be a failure that occurs under high system load. e.g. a time out, or temperature related issue.


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          Tried it on 20% load and same problem.

          Using a normal CD in the drive. Using a Blu-Ray disk has same problem.

          Tried on different motherboards same problem.

          Had problem for past year on every PC i've tried Burnin on.

          LG Blu-Ray ROM also has the same problem on every model.
          LG Blu-Ray Writer also has the same problem on every model.

          LOG NOTE: 2013-04-04 09:43:08, Status, PassMark
          BurnInTest V7.0 Pro 1017 (64-bit)
          LOG NOTE: 2013-04-04 09:43:08, Status, Main Tests
          LOG NOTE: 2013-04-04 09:43:09, 3D Graphics, 3D test
          starting: Duty cycle = 100. Test on primary monitor (0). (x,y) = (0,600). WxH =
          LOG NOTE: 2013-04-04 09:43:11, Video, Video test
          starting: Duty cycle = 100. Test on primary monitor (0). (x,y) = (520,294). WxH
          = 640x400.
          SERIOUS: 2013-04-04 12:12:19, Optical disk, D: Checksum
          failure for optical disk file
          LOG NOTE: 2013-04-04 12:12:19, Optical disk, File:
          D:\Data\Maps\CutScene\CS_6_21A.GMX.CLZ, Cycle: 19, Checksum expected:
          1287092400, Checksum read: 1285121587
          LOG NOTE: 2013-04-04 12:12:25, Status, Test run stopped

          Test Start time Thu Apr 04 09:43:08 2013
          Test Stop time Thu Apr 04 12:12:25 2013
          Test Duration 002h 29m 17s
          Temperature CPU 0 average
          47.0C / 49.8C / 60.8C
          Temperature CPU 0 core 0
          44.0C / 46.0C / 58.0C
          Temperature CPU 0 core 1
          48.0C / 50.0C / 62.0C
          Temperature CPU 0 core 2
          49.0C / 51.0C / 64.0C
          Temperature CPU 0 core 3
          47.0C / 52.0C / 59.0C
          Temperature HDD 0 (ATA ST2000DM001-1CH1 SCSI
          Disk Device) (Min/Current/Max)
          25.0C / 25.0C / 26.0C
          Temperature GPU 0 (nVIDIA)
          30.0C / 44.0C / 46.0C
          Test Cycles Operations Result Errors Last Error
          CPU 308 3.531 Trillion PASS No errors
          Memory (RAM) 445 10.692 Trillion PASS No errors
          2D Graphics 2 17495 PASS No errors
          3D Graphics 81 2.457 Million PASS No errors
          Temperature - - PASS No errors
          Optical disk (D 20 28.910 Billion FAIL 1 Checksum failure for optical disk file
          Optical disk (E 16 22.196 Billion PASS No errors
          Video Playback 4992 PASS No errors
          Disk (C 9 391 Billion PASS No errors


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            > Replaced drive with LG blu-ray and works fine

            > LG Blu-Ray Writer also has the same problem on every model

            You are contradicting yourself here?

            I don't think there is any such thing as a normal CD or blu-ray disk. A lot of them have deliberate fault for copy protection reasons.

            This disk you are using has this file "CS_6_21A.GMX.CLZ", which is part of the 'Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness' game. So copy protection is likely on such a disc.

            I would suggest instead using the media we sell,

            Or making your own,

            Then also changing the test mode in BurnInTest to use these pre-made discs with known content.