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  • 3D Graphics Test Test Windows Placement

    Using Burn-In Test V9.0 1004 Pro 64bit on Windows 10 Pro with all updates. Have Nvidia 960 card with latest drivers. When I run the 3D Graphics Test it makes a window that the 3D test is running in (runs the Asteroids thing with space ships). The Asteroids screen or screens places itself in the middle of my screen and I am unable to move it. Also, the minimize and maximize (at the top right of the Asteroids window) do not work. However, I can click the X and it will stop the 3D test. I do not want the 3D Test window in the middle of my screen as it covers up the Burn-In program and I can't see what is going on with the rest of the test. If I go into Preferences and set the 3D test to use Direct X 9, it shows a different video in the 3D Test and I can move it so it does not cover the Burn-In program. Also I can move the 2D test window when using Lines and Bitmaps. I have inserted a pic of the Asteroids screen being in the middle of screen to show you.


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    We've made some changes so the DX12 3D test window will allow it to be moved to a different location while the test is running, this will be available in the next public release.