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Cannot accumulate to certificate after reboot

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  • Cannot accumulate to certificate after reboot


    I have a test which is two rounds separated by a reboot.
    I have scripted the test with a myone.bits file.
    In the .bits file I configured BurnInTest to first run a CPU test and then reboot.
    After reboot round two starts with a RAM-test, then REBOOTEND, and end of test.

    All this works fine but I cannot get the Log to accumulate the both rounds.
    In the preferences-logging I have chosen "single file", "Customer certificate", "Accumulate test results".
    After round one the file is created with CPU-pass, and after round two the file just says RAM-pass and the CPU part is gone.

    Anyone having experience or good ideas?

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    If you turn off a test during that round then the results for that test are not logged as part of that run. Due to the nature of the customer certificate only the tests that are active in the last round of tests would be shown in the results (however in the text or HTML logs each round would be logged).