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BurnInTest failures when running with Memory test

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  • BurnInTest failures when running with Memory test

    I am using BIT 7.0 and running the following tests simultaneously:
    2D Graphics
    3D Graphics
    Memory (RAM)

    After checking the system after 24 hours, I saw the following errors:
    2D Graphics: 1 error No operations reported in timeout period
    3D Graphics: 1 error The 3D test was interrupted
    Sound: 64 errors Failed to play back MIDI via sequencer

    I have been able to repeat this issue with several units.

    However, when running without the memory test, I never receive any errors.

    Even though it is just a few errors, seeing any red during testing is enough to raise an alarm.

    I also get the Windows warning about low memory caused by BurnInTest during operation.

    Is there any solution that does not involve removing the memory test?

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    The 3 errors you got are most likely related to low RAM.
    Although there are known problems with some sound card device drivers that leak resources and eventually fail. Unlikely to be hardware faults.

    There is an option in BurnInTest to run the memory test before the other tests. This can make some sense as there will be more RAM available to test when it is the only test running.

    Another option is to look at memtest86 for RAM testing.