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Error while receiving from the COM port.Check plug is connected.

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  • Error while receiving from the COM port.Check plug is connected.

    Hi all:
    Platform:Cedar trail
    Softwar:Win7 32-bits、BIT V7.1 Pro.

    Issue:I got an error that is "Error while receving from the COM port.Check plug is connected".
    My test for com port only has TX&RX signals and I have checked the option "Disable RTS/CTS and DSR/DTR testphase",send and receive timeout:3500 ms, and port speed:115200bps.I have ten Com ports.

    If My test only have checked com ports in test selection,then no error for that.
    if My test have cheked CPU,RAM,COM PORT ,2D&3D Graphics,disk(level bar drag to 100 for all selections.).then I got above error.
    But I found a phenomenon ,If I adjust the FIFO of com port to smallest value.then that error disappear.

    Please help. Thanks

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    It isn't unusual for COM ports to fail under very heavy machine load. Overrun errors are more common however. This isn't a hardware fault, but is just the way COM ports are. The COM port was designed decades ago. It was never really designed to be fault tolerant.


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      I am seeing the same issue with 3 serial ports with the following tests enabled at 50% - CPU, RAM, COM Port, 2D & 3D Graphics. I get various errors on the serial ports within an hour. Running just the COM Port test I did not get any errors.

      Is this to be expected? Is there a way to run the serial port test along with the other tests?


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        It's not really expected, systems will happily run the combination of the tests you have specified, but it's not entirely uncommon, as David previously mentioned the serial port was not designed for such multi-tasking environments.

        You could try some of the suggestions in this forum post, as it may be something simple like the FIFO setting for your system.