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automated switches problem

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  • R.Elliott
    Thanks for that Ian, this software is just what the doctor ordered!

    I couldn't find the text you were referring to at first, until i realised i was reading an older whitepaper (sept 2004)


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  • Ian (PassMark)

    1) For a writable drive (pen drive) I would recommend example 2, rather than example 1, in Doc. Ed. 4.0 of the Production Line white paper on page 13.

    The /r and /c <filename> command line options work together. You do need a space between the two command line options.
    For example:
    "c:\Program Files\BurnInTest\bit.exe" /r /c test.bitcfg

    where test.bitcfg is in the c:\Program Files\BurnInTest51 directory. If it is not in the BurnInTest directory, then you will need the full directory path and file name (in quotes).

    If this does not work, could you please post your batch file.

    2) Sorry, no. We will add this to the list of possible features for the next major version of BurnIntest.

    Best regards,

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  • R.Elliott
    started a topic automated switches problem

    automated switches problem

    I'm following the information contained in "Using burnintest in a production line" whitepaper and i have a couple of issues that i cannot resolve:

    1. The batch file command:

    I have created a batch file (as explained on p10) to install the software from a pen drive, run from c:, report data and remove files used from c:

    c:burnintest\bit.exe /r standard.bitcfg
    should load my config file that i have created, however it always loads the lastused config file which is incorrect. I have to use the /c switch instead to get my config file to load, however that switch does not automaticallly start the test.

    How can I make my config load and start automatically? I tried being clever with /c/r and that does not work.

    I am using the latest build of 5.1pro 1003, and my config files are newly created with this version.

    2. Reporting

    I would also like to produce full reports in the same html "style" that i have created for the certificate. Is this possible to edit the layout and change the css embedded in the html results reporting, or can i automate the certificates to include full test information, rather than simple summary?

    Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.