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Linux BurnIn Test Problem

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  • Linux BurnIn Test Problem

    Hi Administrator,

    I encountered a problem during BurnIn stress under RHEL5.8 OS, the extra HDD cannot be detected when the quantity of HDD exceed 40 pieces, only 40 pieces of HDD can be recognized with BurnIn program. Do you have any ideas to resolve this gap? I'd like to stress 96 pieces of HDD together with Linux BurnIn program. Thanks.

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    Are you using the latest version of BurnInTest? Since version 3.0 build 1006 you should be able to start up to 120 disk tests,


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      I only purchased BurnIn version 2.0, whether the license of V2.0 applies to V3.0 program as well?
      And, I have another test configuration which are need stress 288 pieces of HDD together, whether BurnIn version 3.0 program can meet this test requirements?


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        If you bought your key after 15 February 2010 you would qualify for a free upgrade key, see here for details, otherwise you would need to upgrade your licence.

        288 disk tests far exceeds the limits of BurnInTest, in terms of speed it doesn't make a lot of sense to test this many disks at one time as there will likely be a bottleneck somewhere on the system that will slow down the testing.


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          Thanks a lot.