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Advanced network test with WinPE

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  • Advanced network test with WinPE

    We installed the BurnInTest software on a WinPE image, so is it possible to make an advanced network test on it?

    Now i have the massage that the help file cannot be opened. Give it a work around to run the test?

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    Providing you have the correct network card drivers for your WinPE image you should be able to run the standard network tests without having to change any settings.

    If your network card doesn't appear to have a valid IP you should be able to open a command prompt by typing shift-F10 and then you can try to renew the DHCP IP by using "ipconfig /renew". It seems there can be a number of issues getting an IP via DHCP in WinPE so you may need to set it manually using netsh.

    However the advanced network test requires a lot more windows features installed, which will likely be missing in WinPE builds, such as system performance counters (pdh.dll). In this case you will probably see a “Unable to initialize advanced network test” error, i've yet to find any documentation on how to enable them in WinPE. If you are able to get them installed/initialised it would also requires the WinPE firewall be turned off, from the command prompt type “wpeutil disablefirewall”.

    The documentation doesn't work in WinPE as it is in HTML format and there is no browser installed in WinPE (you can download the help manual in PDF format for viewing on another device from
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