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Advanced networking test does not work with more than 1 system running BIT

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  • Advanced networking test does not work with more than 1 system running BIT


    I've been unable to get more than one machine at a time to run the advanced networking test. My config is:

    1. One server with two Intel gig NICs in load balancing mode running endpoint. This machine is running Win XP SP3.

    2. Two machines under test (MUT) running BIT version 7.1 (1002) running Windows 7 x64. These also have dual GB NICs. There are all connected through a TP-link TL-SG3210 managed switch. The MUTs are set for IPv4, full duplex 5% NIC load, and validate data.

    As soon as I start a second MUT, the first MUT gets an "advanced network receive error" or an "advanced networking send error." One of these machines is running an evaluation version, the other is a paid version since we only have a license for one unit at the moment. We are considering an upgrade of our 45 or so licenses from version 5 (1036) Which works correctly with more than one MUT, and need to evaluate version 7 before we make the move.

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    This is a current limitation of the advanced network test, "One instance of the BurnInTest Advanced Network test can only be run on a Network. That is, you can not run 2 (or more) BurnInTest Advanced Network tests at the same time on the same network".

    I believe this is a limitation imposed by a previous change in the way BurnInTest communicates with the endpoint systems, as control and status messages are broadcast around the network and more than one test at a time can interfere with each other.


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      Do I still need 1 x Endpoint on a NIC to test 1 x PC in advance networks test (2 x Endpoints to test 2 x PCs, 3 x Endpoints to test 3 x PCs)

      I need to advance network test 5 x PCs. Has pass mark develop better ways to do this without dedicating 5 PCs to test 5 x PCs or it's still the case?
      Burnin Test 10.2 Windows 64 bit.

      Thank you in advance