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  • How to set dashboard

    I use the software to verify the machine. Sometimes, with AMD or Intel K series processors, the PC goes into overheating. I would like to see the temperature on the dashboard. Better still would be that the dashboard could be seen in "LIST VIEW" mode and not "ICON VIEW". How can you program that always starts in this modality?
    Thank you.
    I use the software with WINPE and BURNING TEST version 9.1012

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    At the moment temperature is displayed on the temperature tab. Temperature data collection starts as soon as BIT is launched. Given that there can be dozens of temperature sensors we think it makes sense to leave it on it's own tab.

    But I guess you are asking that can Temperature measurements be classified as a test and have it's own tile in the dashboard?


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      Yes, if possibile.
      Either change the view of dashboard.
      Switch from viewing to ICONS VIEW to that LIST VIEW as default (or make a switch to do)
      In the LIST VIEW mode I have more information and also the temperature. Also I have a total view of the tests on the disk (on the disks), on the LAN, etc


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        We consider the request for a future release. In the meantime you'll just need to check the temperatures tab to see the temperatures.


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          Grazie. Thank. Good work!