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    Been having problems with burnin not detecting faulty components so as a test we put an AMD FX 4130 CPU 125W into a Gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2P motherboard only supporting 95W CPUs. No BIOS warning on boot, install o/s and ran burnin for 3 days with cpu, gpu, optical, 2d,3d, ram, hdd, video playback @ 50%.
    Burnin ran for 3 days and detected no problems.
    We installed Crysis and the PC rebooted within 20 seconds of the game running.
    We ran burnin for another 3 days and it passed.
    we ran Crysis again and within 20 seconds it crashed with dump file related to AMD CPU driver.
    Technically all parts are working but why is crysis will crash within 20 seconds but burnin detects no error?
    We changed the CPU to a supporting CPU and as expected crysis worked fine.

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    Maybe a bug in Crysis?
    Maybe a video card device driver bug?

    Also, if you want to test the CPU, then it makes no sense at all to run the HDD test, the optical drive test, etc.. at the same time.

    Further is makes no sense to run the CPU test a 50% load if you are thinking the CPU might overheat. You aren't going to get anywhere near the maximum heat into the CPU doing this.

    Better to run just the CPU test at 100% load by itself. Then maybe just the CPU and 3D test together at 100% load.