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Scripting - Selecting Physical Disks

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  • Scripting - Selecting Physical Disks

    Depending on the location where I am testing, the disk that I am testing on varies. Is there a way, through the scripting language or in any other way, to programmatically select the disk that I would like to test on?

    I have come across the SETDISK command, yet its behavior is not what I had expected. My config file initially has no disks selected, and if I try a command like 'SETDISK DISK d:', this drive is not selected. However, if I manually select this disk, then use the same command with more parameters, like MODE or FILE, those parameters are altered accordingly. Is this the expected behaviour? If so, how can I programmatically select a disk for testing?

    Furthermore, the disks that I am dealing with are physical disks, unformatted. I have tried to use the commands above, such as 'SETDISK DISK 5:', but it errors out, saying it is unable to execute the script command.

    This seems like fairly straight-forward question, and I apologize if the solution can be easily found. If so, I have not found it after much searching. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Currently it isn't possible to select physical disks as part of the SETDISK command so we'll add this to the list of requested features.

    There appears to be some inconsistency when using the SETDISK command, especially if the current config doesn't already have the disk test selected. We'll look into what could be causing this and there should be a new build available soon to fix this issue.


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      Okay, thank you for the prompt response!


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        We have corrected this problem in BurnInTest and this will be available in the next minor release of BurnInTest, probably in a week or two. If you urgently need this fix, please send us an email (help at passmark dot com) and let us know which build you are using (e.g. 64-bit Pro) and I will send you a pre-release build.