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  • Bootable BurnInTest - product change notification

    Bootable BurnInTest ( ) uses a licensed Microsoft product, WinPE. For every copy we sold, we had to pay Microsoft a Windows license fee. Due to a Microsoft policy change, Microsoft no longer licenses WinPE for this type of usage.

    After a long and unsuccessful discussions with Microsoft the result is that we will be changing our bootable BurnInTest solution from the Windows version of BurnInTest to the Linux version of BurnInTest (

    Anyone wanting to continue the use of Bootable Windows BurnInTest can still build their own bootable BurnInTest using the WinPE solution using the relevant Microsoft tools (WAIK, OPK). Please see our documentation describing how to do this:

    Paradoxically, Microsoft still make WinPE available for free, but they don't allow anyone to build a solution with it.

    We will continue to support existing customers with WinPE, but also offer all recent customers the chance to move to the self booting Linux solution.

    Sorry for any inconvenience this causes.