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Edit bitcfg config files with text editor?

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  • Edit bitcfg config files with text editor?

    Hello! i got an issue with a thing im trying to do and ill be glad if anyone can share some info on whether its possible or not

    Basically, im working on an old version(Cant remember exactly which one), and were currently upgrading all our servers.

    Now im trying to build a powershell script to do all the post-installation procedures, and i have stumbled across a problem with Burnintest

    Basically i need to change three different IPs in the software, so my idea was to edit the saved .bitcfg file.

    now when i opened the file with a text editor, i saw my three ip's but unfortunately, BurnIntest doesnt recognize that file as a saved file after i change a single letter inside it.

    I tried looking for any data on the registry but to no avail, so i assume it takes everything out of the config file.

    So is anyone have any idea? is it even possible?



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    The BurnInTest configuration files (.bitcfg) are binary files. You can't edit them with a text editor. When a hex editor some changes are possible, but you still really need to know what you are doing. We strongly recommended against it.

    Instead have a look the options in this PDF file.
    Using BurnInTest in a production line environment

    and the BurnInTest User's Guide.