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2D graphic test - "Not enough memeory for the test"

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  • David (PassMark)
    If you are unable to switch resolutions, then I would think it is most likely a problem with the video card driver. Do you have the latest driver? This is also a very old video chipset. So it wouldn't be totally surprising to find it doesn't support DirectX 8,9,10 or 11.

    The default 2D test makes use of the DirectX interface to test video RAM.

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  • 2D graphic test - "Not enough memeory for the test"

    I am running XP 32 bit with an ATI ES1000 Graphics chip on a Supermicro X7 mother board. I have the latest driver. The 2D graphics test errors (with 0 cycles) with "Not enough memory for the test" I tried using the "all available memory" option in preferences. It still errors. Dxdiag testing passes the rectangles test, bouncing and white box test but fails full screen bouncing whote ball test. Error is "an error occurred while setting your dialysis to 640x480 mode with 16-bit color (high color). Your computer may not support this mode. This is not necessarily a problem, though some programs may not work without support for this mode"

    Any idea? Is the 2D graphics faulting because of the 640x480 mode? Hos can I enable 640x480. My resolution is currently at 1920x1080. Seems it should be able to do the lower resolution.