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  • Burn in test machine ID

    how can i change machine id to be take unique number.

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    The MachineID is a unique identifier generated and saved by BurnInTest for the system and must be between 8 and 15 characters. You can change the MachineID through the menu option "Configuration->Report Information".


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      no my machine id remain same for all the unit. i want it to be different. i don't want to change it manual all the time.


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        The machine ID is auto generated when BurnInTest connects to the management console, but if you have created a config to use that has entered the management console connection details it likely connected (therefore generating a new machine ID) and tested the connection was OK so the newly generated machine ID is saved to the config. Currently there isn't an easy way to blank this before saving the configuration so it is regenerated next time BurnInTest is started. We're going to look at adding a way or removing the current MachineID so a blank value can be saved in the config.

        You can override the config file by using the -MGT command line parameter and this accepts system variables, so if if your computer names are unique enough you could do something like launch BurnInTest with "-MGT %COMPUTERNAME%".
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