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3D Graphics test error

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  • 3D Graphics test error


    We have a 3D Graphics test issue, the log as below:

    3D Graphics, Unable to find or media files required for DX12 test
    3D Graphics, An error occured during the DX12 3D test
    3D Graphics, Unable to run the DirectX 12 Test (exit code -1073741819), your card may not support this version of DirectX or the D3D12Test64.exe executable is being prevented from launching by an external program(eg security or anti - virus software).

    Test environment:
    BurnInTest V9.0 Pro 1016 (64-bit)
    CPU: Intel Whiskey lake U Celeron(R) 4305U @ 2.20GHz
    OS: Windows 10 (64-bit)
    RAM: 4GB

    CPU/Memory duty cycles: 50%
    COM Port(s), Video, 2D Graphics, 3D Graphics, Disk(s), Network, USB and Serial Port duty cycles:80%

    log file as attachment
    celeron BIT fail_H.log

    When we selected 4GB DIMM for our test, the issue occured, but we selected DIMM size larger than 4GB (8GB, 16GB) for our test, the system work normally, no error.

    Does DIMM size cause this error? Could you help to check this issue?


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    The system seems to have no video card (or no video card driver)? Which of course is going to be a problem.

    Also 4GB isn't enough RAM for running Win10 and 3D applications (plus 15 other simultaneous tests, including the RAM test).

    The in-built GPU probably uses 1GB of RAM as video RAM. Windows probably uses 2GB of the RAM. So after you run an application there probably isn't any free RAM.


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      Hi David

      There is no external video card in our system, we use processor graphics (Intel® UHD Graphics 610).
      I'm sure the video card driver is installed correctly.



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        The log shows no information about the video card. So there is something strange about your video setup.
        Can you run any DirectX 12 games on the system?