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BurnInTest LAN connection Error

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  • BurnInTest LAN connection Error

    Hi. We are under high temperture full function test and get LAN connection error although it will reconnect. When we test only LAN item or adjust timeout from 4s(default) to 999s, it will be OK. I thought it when high temperture will cause CPU downgrade working frequency and LAN responds time will be longer. Because under normal temperture test will be fine. What is the criterion about LAN item? Can we adjust the time of timeout?

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    It sounds like the network card (driver or hardware) is not performing as well during your increased heat test if it works fine under a normal test. You can check the windows system event log to see if there are any other errors logged around this time (network disconnects should have a system event generated).

    The timeout can only be adjusted for the standard network test, not the advanced network test.


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      Fail message is "appear timeout waiting for packet". How come the message will show up?


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        This means a timeout has occurred while waiting for the ICMP echo response packet during the standard network test (BurnInTest has sent a previous packets and not received a response). The timeout can be set on the network tab of the test preferences.

        Given the nature of these packets (they are not guaranteed to arrive) it is not uncommon for these errors to occur, particularly when the network test is set to high duty cycles.