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"No operations reported in timeout period" 2D Graphics Test

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  • "No operations reported in timeout period" 2D Graphics Test

    I've been having issues where my monitor freezes up and stops updating information for a few seconds. The longer I run my PC the more prevalent the problem. A restart seems to make things better for a while, but it always reverts to this problem. Everything tends to freeze up and I've tested various systems. I've eliminated GPU from the list of potential culprits. Anyways, I ran BIT (1016) and got this error message, wondering if anyone can help with this.

    Here's the log.
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    The most common cause of the "2D Graphics, Surface lost: Restoring." warning is if the monitor is turned off (or when using a KVM switch and switching the input), did you see the previous monitor issue when BurnInTest was running?

    Does the error occur if you're just running the 2D test by itself in BurnInTest?

    If you change the travel level to activity trace 2 in the logging options there should be more formation logged around the time when the error occurs.
    There is also a newer driver available for the GTX 1070 that you should try installing.