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Max CPU temp cycles 2-28C, liquid cooler never speeds up

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  • Max CPU temp cycles 2-28C, liquid cooler never speeds up

    New build, FX9370, cycles these temperatures. Liquid cooler fans cycle very low to low speed, based on sound. I suspect the CPU is temperature cycling, and would like advice on best way to proceed if this is a correct suspicion.

    Thank you for any advice on how to proceed troubleshooting.


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    I don't really understand the problem.
    If the CPU is really running at between 2C and 28C, then that should be fine. But these temps seem awful low.

    At 2C you might start to get water condensation, which is never a good thing on a motherboard.


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      Maybe I don't understand what to expect. I thought the cpu would ramp up to a high temperature, and remain there to get the best performance. Instead, it is oscillating like a jagged sine wave between the low and high temp.

      The range 2C to 29C is based on the graph produced by the software:
      Click image for larger version

Name:	KoshariStrong Burnin Max temp.png
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        When operating in a normal temperature range, the CPU always runs at the same speed. But at high temperatures (50C to 100C depending on the CPU) the modern CPU will throttle down in order not to fail.

        Lower temperatures allow you to overclock the CPU, so if you are into overclocking (and I assume you are if you have a liquid cooler), then you have more overclocking head room.

        From the graph you posted it looks like the temperature control on the cooler isn't very good. I would have thought it could run at an intermediate speed to maintain a more constant temperature. Maybe it only had two speeds, fast and slow?

        2C still seems really low however. What's the temperature readings in BIOS?


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          Thank you David for the quick feedback.

          The BIOS shows a temp of 42C. The CPU must be throttling as you suggest because its frequency varies between about 1.3 and 4 Ghz.
          Click image for larger version

Name:	CPU Cycle.jpg
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          Next stop should be a cooler replacement, since it appears the CPU is performing normally... Agree?

          I have not attempted any overclocking at this point, and the reason for the cooler is that a financial model application I run goes at 100% for 12 hours on a 4-core 3.4 Ghz desktop that this machine is intended to replace. Other builders recommended liquid cooling for the AMD FX9370.



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            Based on the BIOS reading for temperature I suspect we aren't displaying the temperature for the FX9370 correctly.

            It might need to be offset by 50C or something like that. We'll look up the technical specs for the FX9370 and see if AMD has changed something, as compared to their other CPUs.


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              There was a bug in BurnInTest Version 7.1 build 1009 to Version 7.1 build 1012 for this CPUs temperature reporting. Could you please check you are using the latest build, V7.1.1017: