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  • Burnin Test v6 Networking Test

    I was given the program to use by a friend, I've run every test except the networking test without any issue. How does the network test work? Like basics, as if one was to explain it to a child. I would have just searched the forums for specific information but searching is disabled.
    I have loop back plugs and plenty of networking equipment to test with.

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    There is an in depth description of both network tests under the "Test descriptions" section of the BurnInTest help file.

    You can also search the forums using the search text box and button at the top of this page.


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      The help file is useless. So far I can only manage localhost testing. And even then, it errors depending on which computer I try it on. Please, could someone explain to me exactly how the networking test works?


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        Assuming you are using the Standard Network test, and not the Advanced network test. Then the network test works by sending ping-like (ICMP-ECHO) test data packets to a device that will ECHO the response (like a router or server). BurnInTest reads the test data packet and verifies the test data (payload) is correct.

        In BurnInTest V6 (an older verion of BurnInTest), the default configuration to send the test packet to the local internal Loopback, which typically loops the test data in the IP stack on the local system.

        The “Test all available network adapters” is the recommended test setting – set this to yes. In this case, BurnInTest will start a test for each Network port detected on the system. Network port 1 will send traffic to Network Address 1, Network port 2 will send traffic to Network Address 2, etc.

        So if you had 1 Network port, then specify just 1 destination IP address in Preferences->Network, i.e. Network Address 1. If you have 2 Network ports, then specify 2 destination IP addresses in Preferences->Network, Network Address 1 and Network Address 2. These destination IP addresses would typically be a device on your test network, like a router or server, that can echo the response to the BurnInTest system.

        If you still get an error, you can email us the log file and a description of the test and we can take a look.